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Visa and currency

Slovakia is a member of the European Union and the Schengen Area. Therefore the visa requirements are the same as for most of the European countries. If you travel through Vienna, you do not need separate visa for Austria. If you need visa to travel to Slovakia, we can provide an invitation letter after you register for the conference and pay the registration fee. The currency in Slovakia is Euro.


Bratislava airport is served mostly by low-cost airlines, such as Ryanair. You can see the schedule of flights here.

The nearest large international airport is in Vienna, located only 50km from Bratislava. To reach Bratislava from Vienna airport, you can use buses which run approximately once per hour between 6:45am and 0:45am. The travel time is about one hour. The connection is operated by two different companies.

In both cases you can buy the ticket from the bus driver or in a booth at the airport. Reservation is possible, but not necessary.

It is also possible to travel from Vienna aiport by taxi. If you stay at the Sorea hotel, the hotel can make arrangements for you. It is also possible to hire the taxi in a booth located directly in the arrival hall at the airport.

Local transportation

The conference venue is located near the "Park kultury (PKO)" tram and bus stop. Important locations related to the conference are shown in this map. From the bus and tram stop, take the stairs up the hill and follow the "Kralovske udolie" street until you reach the Sorea hotel.

Recommended public transit routes

For most trips, you need 0.90EUR ticket valid for one hour (90 minutes during the weekends). The tickets must be purchased from vending machines before boarding the bus or the tram and validated using a machine inside the bus or the tram. Many newstands also sell the public transport tickets.

More information about public transit in Bratislava.


The best way is to order the taxi over the telephone. Taxis flagged directly on the street or hired at a taxi stand are two to three times more expensive. You can also ask the reception of your hotel to order a taxi for you. All the taxis are required to use the meters. You can try the following companies:

Radio taxi: +421 2 16303
Profi taxi: +421 2 16222