MFCS 2006
31st International Symposium on
Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science
August 28 - September 1, 2006

Cerveny Klastor Museum

The national cultural monument, officially Lechnicky Monastery, which was - according to Spissky Chapter - founded in 1319, is situated at the beautiful mouth of the river Lipnik that comes into Dunajec river in the Pieniny National Park. The monastery was originally a seat for two different groups of monks. The museum exposition was opened in 1993 after total reconstruction of the building. It shows history and life of the monks as well as history of the Spiš region. The history of the building can be divided into four periods that show owners of the monastery:
1330 - 1567 The first catholic monastery
1569 - 1710 The monastery owned by a secular state
1711 - 1782 The monastery, Congregation Monte Corona
since 1782 The monastery owned by the church and state

Dunajec rafting


Rafting on the river of Dunajec on the Slovak-Polish border is the most favourite tourist activity in Pieniny national park. The raft starts in Červený Kláštor and it finishes in Lesnica. The total length of the trip is cca 11 km and it takes approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes depending on the water level.

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